Next-generation immersive art


Combating the declining interest in traditional forms of art, in recent years we have seen an increase in fusions of painting, music and technology, creating immersive environments aimed at new types of audiences. The need to satisfy this growing demand has led us to design a fully immersive, captivating and dynamic exhibition, moving from “life-size” to “larger than life, augmented and more technological than real”.

The first Spanish-produced immersive exhibition is dedicated to the Master of Gold, Gustav Klimt. Submerge yourself in the golden world of the most important Austrian artist from the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century through technology, walking through his portraits and landscapes, analysing every gaze, every gesture. Dive into his work and get wrapped up in his paintings to the rhythm of the music. Get lost in the elegance and evocative sensuality of Klimt’s work.

Thanks to this new way of bringing art closer to the public, children and adults alike will travel back in time to the golden phase of the European vanguards. You will notice every colour, every brushstroke—you’ll feel as though you’re inside the paintings, like a character from the era. A different way of spending a day with your family, surrounded by art.

Exquisite pieces of music and thousands of moving images related to the work by Gustav Klimt, on a large scale, in a room where walls, floor and architectural features come to life to transport us to a magical place—the artist’s heart.

Discover it and let yourself go, dare to enjoy this immersive, different and original experience.

Come to experience The Gold of Klimt!